Peipsimaa Visitor Centre is located in a former house of Russian Old Believers. The house was built in 1893 and has been in the possession of the Belov family.

Today we greet our visitors on the ground floor of the house where the kitchen and two living rooms used to be. The ground floor now accommodates a tourist information centre, a handicraft shop, a traditional handicraft workshop room for 20 people and a small café.

The rooms on the first floor, where the seamstress of Kolkja once lived, are now used to accommodate workshops for larger groups.

The building complex includes a closed courtyard typical of Old Believers’ homes, an old sauna with onion drying shelters, a smoke oven, a well with a well sweep and a dry toilet.

The courtyard of the visitor centre includes benches for the tired travellers and a campfire place for grilling.

We also offer a 20-minute tour of the house.