Peipsimaa Visitor Centre includes

a Tourist Information Centre of the Peipsiääre parish, which:

  • shares tourist information about the tourism enterprises, sights and travel routes in the Peipsiääre parish;

  • gives travelling recommendations for visiting the surrounding parishes and the entire Lake Peipus area;

  • gives recommendations on accommodation, dining and activities while visiting the Lake Peipus area.

The i-centre offers additional services:

  • ordering guides to travel around the Lake Peipus area (languages: Estonian, English, Russian, Swedish, Spanish)

  • wireless Internet (WIFI)

  • booking accommodation in the Lake Peipus area

  • renting active holiday sports equipment (bicycles, kick scooters, walking sticks)

  • handicraft workshops

  • ordering area-specific souvenirs

  • using the picnic spot on the Visitor Centre’s territory