Events of the 2016 season at the Peipsimaa Visitor Centre

Events of the 2016 season organised by the Peipsimaa Visitor Centre:

7 February 2016 kicksled day Kolkja Kelk

Joyful all-family wintertime sports event
11 June 2016 Naboyka fabric print day

Handicrafts day that has made Kolkja Village well-known

16 July 2016 Chicory day

A day dedicated to chicory which is widely used in Peipsimaa as a coffee-like drink and herbal remedy. It is possible to have a taste of food and drinks made of chicory, learn about chicory-growing and processing in Estonia, see exhibitions, visit workshops and be part of the opening of a Chicory Museum at the Peipsimaa Visitor Centre.

29 July 2016 Rääbu day

An event organised for children and youth on the basis of Pavel Varunin’s books Rääbu and Rääbu ja Valge Peipsmaa (Rääbu and the White Peipsimaa) with the aim of introducing the traditional everyday life of one-street villages.

19 August Apple Day

Kolkja Village’s onion and handicrafts fair, horse and barge rides

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Events of the 2017 season

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