Peipsimaa Visitor Centre is run by a non-profit association MTÜ Piiri Peal

MTÜ Piiri Peal was established in 2004 with goals to:

  • support and maintain the unique lifestyle of the Russian Old Believers living in the Lake Peipus Area;

  • develop the attraction of the unique area of Russian Old Believers as a tourist destination;

  • introduce the traditions and spirituality of the Old Believers’ communities;

  • support the maintenance of their traditional occupations (handicraft, onion-growing, fishing, writing icons etc.) and ensure the knowledge is passed on to the next generation;

  • help to build a society which is more open, tolerant and respectful towards other cultures and ways of life by developing cooperation between different areas;

  • enhance entrepreneurship in border areas, to include local residents in project activities.

MTÜ Piiri Peal has executed more than thirty projects during its nine years of existence.

Here you can read about the MTÜ Piiri Peal’s activities covered by the media.