Heritage Centre

Peipsimaa Heritage Centre –
a cultural heritage gateway to Lake Peipus Area

The Peipsimaa Heritage Centre is located at the heart of the Lake Peipus Area in a historical one-street village of Russian Old Believers situating in Kolkja village, Tartu County. The centre is located at a ancient houme of the Russian Old Believers built at the end of the 19th century.

The purpose of the Peipsimaa Heritage Centre is to keep the local traditional handicraft skills alive and to develop the unique area of Russian Old Believers as a tourist destination.

We offer the possibility of:
  • participating in handicraft workshops
  • buying Peipus area oldbelivers handicrafts and souvenirs that have been awarded the Estonian handicraft certificate;
  •  visiting different exhibitions at the art gallery in Peipsimaa and the Chicory Museum;
  • triyng delicious onion pies, chicory soup, and samovar tea with cooked sugar; 
  • renting bicycles, scooters, and kick-sledges.