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Certified Estonian Artisanal Craft

The Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union acknowledged
our Sinilnik Collection

Certified Estonian Artisanal Craft

The design team of the Sinilnik Collection included Õnne Uus, Pavel Varunin and Kairi Güsson.

The Sinilnik Collection was born out of love for textile printing and handicraft in honour of the Prostatov family of textile printers who were still active in Kolkja at the beginning of the 20th century.

Sinilniks were the textile printers in the villages of the Lake Peipus area. The tradition of textile printing was brought to these villages most likely by Russian Old Believers.

The collection is made up by two sub-collections – the Traditional and the Modern Collection.

The patterns of the Traditional Collection are based on historical samples from Kodavere Parish. The ornaments of the Modern Collection are original designs. The entire collection has been prepared in hand block printing technique with traditional printing blocks. The textiles used for making products are natural (linen or mixtures of linen, cotton and viscose). The printing blocks have been hand-crafted at Pavel Varunin’s workshop. The collection includes garments and decorative textiles – head scarves, aprons, tea-cloths, pillowcases, tunics, jackets, etc.